Multi-industry Hiring SuccesS


Specializing in search and placement services for a variety of sectors. We’ve positioned ourselves as a partner, catering to industries like Cloud Computing, IoT, RPA, AI & ML, Systems & Devices, Telecommunication, EHR, Telehealth,

Health-tech, Security, Aerospace & Defense, Travel & Aviation, Construction, Engineering, Environmental Services, Renewables and Semiconductors.

With a profound understanding of industry intricacies, we go beyond traditional recruitment, meticulously identifying and connecting our clients with the brightest engineering and technically minded professionals. Our mission is to sculpt a workforce that embodies precision, innovation, and excellence, ensuring our partners thrive.

Placing Industrial and Technical Professionals

With our extensive network of technical professionals and our deep understanding of the talent landscape, we provide tailored solutions that match your specific hiring needs.

Our streamlined process, comprehensive candidate screening, and rigorous evaluation ensure that you receive a highly qualified pool of candidates, ready to contribute to your team's success from day one.


Our Powered By People division, focuses on hiring technical and industrial professionals critical to driving innovation and efficiency in Fintech, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Power and Energy (including Solar, Wind, EMS, and Grid), as well as Consumer Product Goods, Grocery, and Retail sectors. Our expertise ensures that we meet the evolving needs of these industries with the right talent to lead and succeed.


ITEOM Talent Antenna is our speciality division, focused on recruiting highly skilled technical and industrial professionals in sectors such as Cloud Computing, IoT, RPA, AI & ML, Systems and Devices, Telecommunications, EHR, Telehealth, Health-Tech, Security, Aerospace & Defense, and Travel & Aviation, ensuring top-tier talent for cutting-edge industries. We speak your language. Don’t waste your time explaining your needs to a butts in seats staffing firm, you need more than resumes thrown across your desk.


Integrated Talent is our speciality division working with top-tier professionals in Semiconductors, Software, Gaming, Systems and Devices, Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, and Medical Devices & Diagnostics Applications. We connect innovative companies with exceptional talent, ensuring they are equipped to thrive in these highly technical and rapidly evolving sectors.

Positive End-End Experience

Interview our candidates by phone, in person, or both! We'll arrange interviews and on-board your selected candidates, ensuring the candidates have an exceptional experience end to end.

Customized Talent Solutions

When we partner we do what we do best, that's matchmaking, so that you can do what you do best! And let our results speak for themselves.

Results Guaranteed

ITEOM stands behind our recruitment practice and every candidate we present to you. We want you to hire with confidence, which is why we tailored solutions designed to guarantee results and meet your level of comfort and hiring needs.

Take the next steps towards discovering technical professionals for your team with ITEOM.