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Our collaborative approach involves determining your preferences, your culture and your expectations. Understanding what you are and are not comfortable with, allows us to tailor our services accordingly, ensuring you get exactly what you need and you pay for nothing more.

We understand how critical it is to sustain performance and drive growth in this competitive landscape and it requires overcoming the challenge of finding the right people at the right time. Appointed by you, we offer custom-designed solutions that meet your needs and priorities.

Learn more below about our Dedicated Resource Services, Contingent | Contract Recruiting Services, Multi-Hire and Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services.


Our team of dynamic talent associates continuously hones their craft and is dedicated to your search project. We know where to look, who to ask, and how to discreetly approach the most passive candidates. This allows us to engage with the best talent on your behalf.

Whether It Is an Executive Hire, a Niche or Scarce Skill Set, a Diversity Hire, a Critical Hire in a New Market, commissioned and aligned in partnership - our team breaks down the search process working in lockstep with you so that we can achieve desired outcomes together.

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Dedicated Resource Services

Working in full partnership with you and your stakeholders, we professionally but tactfully headhunt talent for your most critical appointments. Understanding that these technical professionals play a key role in driving your business forward, we execute search projects to identify, assess and qualify candidates until we reach your desired outcome - a successful appointment!

  • “This is a key hire and it’s been open for months, we’re just not seeing qualified applicants.”
    • Commissioned by you, we take your brand to the market. We uncover and engage all available talent so you can ensure you’re making the best possible hire.
  • “Our team has to meet our roadmap goals, we’re looking for a niche skillset, unsure if it even exists.”
    • Uncovering every possible option, we create a candidacy of talented professionals - unicorns included. We execute search projects to find the most challenging, niche skill set appointments, critical to your success.
  • “We're opening offices in a new market and haven't established a network there.”
    • We map the talent in the area, engaging with every qualified candidate to ensure you're building out your new territory, and placing the best available professionals in key roles.

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Hiring quickly? Our Contingent and Contract solutions are best applied when our clients need to hire quickly or prefer to utilize a “try before you buy” approach. We work with you in partnership, and then employ contractors, in compliance with State laws, during their tenure as a contract resource.

  • “I need to cover a leave of absence and don’t want to burden my team.”
    • We quickly identify talent, qualifying them to meet your needs, and then ensure their contract eligibility as a W2, 1099 consultant.
  • “I need a butt in the seat.”
    • Our contracting solution is the perfect answer. This allows you to add resources, scaling up and down as needed, without taking on additional employment costs.
  • “I lost a resource on my current project and I need a backfill.”
    • Staffing for projects that have time constraints and critical deliverables is a major priority, and we take on the challenge to identify qualified contractors quickly so that you can achieve optimal outcomes for your demanding projects.

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Multi-HIre and RPO Services

In today’s market, talent is more difficult than ever before to identify and persuade to make a life-changing decision; so we apply our same rigorous search and placement methodology when there is demand for multiple hires. Our experienced talent associates collaborate with you and your team to ensure an optimal experience for both our clients and our candidates. This includes off-boarding or scaling down teams - every single professional is valuable, so we attend to them with great care and attention.

  • "Our team has to grow this next quarter by 300% ."
    • We apply our same rigorous search methodology, but we extend economies of scale pricing - saving you time and money.
  • "Unfortunately, we're downsizing ... "
    • We provide off-boarding support Including job seeker Insights, resume tips, career coaching & interview coaching.
  • "Our firm doesn't have a dedicated HR or TA group."
    • We provide talent sourcing, mapping & pipelining, talent benchmarking, and project RPO for scarce and senior talent at scale - all services customized to augment your team’s growth.

Placing technical and industrial professionals across industry sectors

Collaborate with ITEOM Talent Partners and we'll navigate the complexities of talent acquisition together.

We'll secure scarce skills, foster diversity within your leadership, and help your teams with their most critical roles.

In partnership, we'll drive your business forward with the right people in the right roles at the right time.

Take the next steps towards discovering technical professionals for your team with ITEOM.