Powered By People

Emerging technologies and innovative ideas are transforming various industries. Professionals in technical and industrial sectors leverage their expertise to deepen their technical skills and enhance their leadership abilities. This combination empowers them to drive significant advancements and improve efficiencies. Such leaders are crucial for adapting to evolving market demands and catalyzing further breakthroughs and innovations in their fields.


Our Powered By People division, focuses on hiring technical and industrial professionals critical to driving innovation and efficiency in Fintech, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Power and Energy (including Solar, Wind, EMS, and Grid), as well as Consumer Product Goods, Grocery, and Retail sectors.

Our expertise ensures that we meet the evolving needs of these industries with the right talent to lead and succeed.

Our Experience

At ITEOM, we support visionary enterprises with their mission to transform and revolutionize products and services that enhance quality of life, create sustainability, and drive performance. To create candidacy of the best possible talent in the market, we go above and beyond to present the potential of your organization to the most untouchable candidates. Commissioned to engage key technologists who are crucial for your present and future success, we commit to our partners, working In lockstep to execute searches for their most critical hires, the technical professionals who will undoubtedly help our clients achieve the limitless possibilities of tomorrow.

Technology and engineering professionals are continuously enhancing their skills In order to drive transformative changes across industries. We meet them where they are, qualifying, assessing and delivering them to you,... precisely when you need them.



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Consumer Product Goods, Grocery and Retail





Your Dedicated Recruiter

Search and Placement Solutions for qualified, technical and industrial professionals nationwide

  • Infrastructure, Networking, Cloud and On-Premise Technologists
  • IT Program Leaders, Project Managers, Business Analysts
  • Security Engineers, Security / CyberSecurity Analysts
  • ERP Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Developers / Engineers
  • Construction Managers & Project Engineers
  • Health, Safety, & Environmental Engineers
  • Construction Program & Project Managers & Project Engineers
  • Civil & Mech. Engineers
  • BIM, VDC, Design Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Superintendents & Foreman
  • Leadership and Executive Search & Placement!


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Precision Talent Acquisition:

Elevate your workforce with our precision-focused talent acquisition strategies. We specialize in identifying, engaging, and securing top-tier industrial and technical professionals, ensuring your team thrives on expertise and innovation.

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Tailored Solutions for Industry Leaders:

Because we’ve worked across industry, Our dedicated team understands the unique demands you experience as a hiring leader. We provide tailored recruitment solutions, connecting industry leaders with exceptional talent to drive success and innovation.

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Elevate Your Team, Propel Your Industry

Experience the power of bringing the best minds on board. We go beyond recruitment to foster lasting connections between hiring leaders and top-tier talent, propelling your team and industry to new heights.

Take the next steps towards discovering technical professionals for your team with ITEOM.