The field of medical technology is rapidly evolving, with ongoing advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, genomics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering, which hold promising potential for revolutionizing healthcare in the future.


The Healthcare Technology industry experiences constant transformation due to the growth of emerging markets and developing countries, pricing challenges, regulatory changes, and the adoption of new, evolving technologies and sales models.

To gain a competitive edge, it is crucial for our clients to align their talent strategy with their business objectives, ensuring they have a top-tier team capable of addressing these challenges effectively.

Given that approximately four out of every five positions in this sector are classified as niche roles, the demand for exceptional, specialized talent consistently surpasses the available supply.

Consequently, sourcing the most qualified individuals becomes a significantly greater challenge.

Our Experience

Our mission at ITEOM is to assist our clients in constructing robust and forward-thinking people strategies. The best companies want to hire the best professionals - and the best candidates aren't receptive to passive approaches. Our people first strategy creates candidacy for even the most niche professionals.

Possessing a unique blend of skills and extensive industry knowledge, our team specializes in mapping the external talent landscape, allowing us to assist you in gaining valuable insights into both markets and individuals. Moreover, we support the strategic integration to optimize your future talent acquisition.

Our solutions empower diverse medical technology, emerging biotechnology startups, medical device companies, consumer healthcare firms/providers to discover and engage the individuals necessary for your present and future success.

Biotech & Healthcare

Medical Devices & Diagnostics

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EHR, Tele & Remote Monitoring

Assistive Tech

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